Chůdadlo - Performers on high level

Chůdadlo - Performers on high levelChůdadlo - Performers on high levelChůdadlo - Performers on high levelChůdadlo - Performers on high levelChůdadlo - Performers on high level

About us

Chůdadlo has multiplied

Chůdadlo - Performers on high level - Chůdadlo has multiplied After five years since founding, Chůdadlo expanded its team in 2015 by taking in some more professional artists. Now we have two trios and a few additional performers.

We specialize on performing at medieval markets, funfairs, city- and outdoor festivals, but we are happy to perform anywhere else.
In the last few years we performed more than half of our shows abroad, mostly in German speaking countries. We speak English, German, Russian, Italian - and Czech, naturally.


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Vitek Prochazka

Chůdadlo - Performers on high level - Vitek Prochazka He has first entered the stage in the kindergarten. Since his childhood he devoted his time to theatre, recitation, and historical fencing. At the age of sixteen he watched a show of Mr. Vojta Vrtek, a famous Czech juggler, and his fate was decided.
He had passed lots of workshops and courses, but most of the important things he has learned and is learning still on the stage. Over ten years he performs as juggler, comedian, stilt walker and Emcee,


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Malina Prochazkova

Chůdadlo - Performers on high level - Malina Prochazkova She probably danced before she was able to walk. And she has never stopped since then. She switched to study the Faculty of Theatre of JAMU for a while but she got back to dancing swiftly. Now she dances and teaches belly dancing, flamenco, Irish dances, clogging, modern dance...

In Chudadlo she creates choreographies, chooses and mixes music, designs and sews costumes and fills the hungry stomachs of her male colleagues while dancing, playing with fire, juggling, practicing


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Lukas Filler

Chůdadlo - Performers on high level - Lukas Filler Acrobat, gymnast, dancer, juggler, teacher and predominantly a skilful man, who can fix absolutely everything.

Lukas was tempted into Chudadlo by the magic of fire. Since then he juggles and spins everything that he puts his hand on. And because he is also fond of gymnastics, both he and Malina tempt gravity, creating acrobatic choreographies.

In Chudadlo, he plays o role of dancer, repairman, and emotional buffer.


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